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Item Code: SBAIHP250
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INDICATION strengthening body muscles expelling air in body ease throw urine relieve light swelling light wounds and bruise light relieving back pain, joint and muscle nourishing womb after childbirth **THIS IS TRADITIONAL PREPARATION**

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Traditionally used to: Increasing health and body resistance Reducing problem difficult to sleep Reducing fatigue problem Throwing wind in body and restore tennaga Relieving back pain and body pain For blood flow that is better For urine flow that is better Relieving fever, cough and flu Lend itself to men and woman **THIS IS TRADITIONAL PREPARATION**

Item Code: SBKH
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INDICATION expel air nourishing womb after childbirth strengthening muscles ease throw urine soothing wounds and bruise light soothing wound after surgery relieving pain waist, back pain, joint and muscle **THIS IS TRADITIONAL PREPARATION**

Item Code: SBMBH30
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INDICATION Traditionally used for men's and women's health. **THIS IS TRADITIONAL PREPARATION**

Item Code: SBBHB50
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INDICATION Traditionally used for men's and women's health. Relieve fever and cough. **THIS IS TRADITIONAL PREPARATION**

Item Code: EEJT
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There are 20 sachets. Each 15 ml. HALAL certificate. GMP certifried. Made in Malaysia. Contains vitamin A, protein, iron, calcium, antioxidants, energy content, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin C and minerals.

Item Code: EELR
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150 ml. GMP certifried. Made in Malaysia.